Wolfmix W1 is a standalone performance DMX lighting controller - designed for creating light shows on the fly without a computer.

A toolbox of FX modules, music sync, and up to 4 DMX universes - packed inside robust hardware with a powerful processor. Choose from 1000’s of light fixtures, or build your own directly inside the controller. Whether it’s for a live performance, disco, club or show - Wolfmix has you covered.

Hands-on standalone control of your DMX lights

Wolfmix has been designed with the performer in mind, with 37 colored silicone buttons and a 4.3” touchscreen giving direct access to the most important FX and features.

Up to 4 DMX universes right out of the box

Up to 4 DMX universes right out of the box
Microphone & line in
• Sync FX with the music
• Analog audio peak detection circuit
• Built in microphone with auto-gain
• 3.5mm jack socket
• USB powered
• Sync with Ableton Link & OS2L via a computer
• Link with MIDI faders and sync with MIDI clock
• Backup projects and fixtures to a memory stick
4 universes
• 2x 3pin and 2x 5pin XLR sockets
• Assign any universe to any XLR
• Sync with another Wolfmix
• Link with faders using DMX IN
Easy View 3D visualiser, WLINK & universes 3+4 are available to purchase as an add-on through WTOOLS.

Powerful effects modules bring your show to life

Color FX
Mix up to 16 colors into a Rainbow, Sparkle or Light Fever effect. Wolfmix will apply the effects to the light’s color channels including: RGB, Amber, White, UV, or CMY. For light's without color mixing, the effects can be applied to a fixed color wheel.
Move FX
Create moving patterns on Scanners and Moving Heads. The Move FX module includes Pan, Tilt, Circle, and a sweeping Magic Carpet. Fan the light beams and move the center point of a pattern to play up to the sky or down below on the stage.
Beam FX
Chases, waves and heartbeat dimming effects can be created with the Beam FX module. Effects are applied to color channels, or for lights without color mixing- the dimmer or shutter channels. Create custom patterns with the Step Sequencer.

Color control at your fingertips

Created by Wolfmix

Easy View 3D visualiser, WLINK & universes 3+4 are available to purchase as an add-on through WTOOLS.

Inside the beast

Dedicated CPU

Robust beam engine, coded low-level straight onto the silicon, unlocking the raw power of the WOLFs 220 million heartbeats per second.

Flash memory

16MB of lighting fast readable NOR flash memory ensures the Wolfmix never misses a beat, with changes written on-the-fly.

Strong construction

Powder-coated steel base with VESA mount, and reinforced steel back-plate armour the WOLF for tough conditions.

High End finishing

A laser printed matt oil finish for durable, yet soft-to-touch silicon pads, backlit with color changing LEDs.

Touch screen

4.3” capacitive touch display with tinted glass. Fine-tune your project with the color picker, pan/tilt grid and on-screen keyboard for naming presets.

Push encoders

4 incremental push encoders with acceleration, for fine-tuning parameters whilst flying from 0-100% with a single twist.

The Wolfmix toolbox

WTOOLS app for PC & Mac computers

Wolfmix operates as a standalone controller without any computer required. Wolfmix can also be connected to a computer's USB3 socket for some additional functionality with the WTOOLS app.

The Wolfmix toolbox

Cloud project backup

Backup your projects onto a computer. Backups are automatically synchronized via the cloud and can be downloaded onto any Wolfmix, anywhere.

Beat sync with DJ software

Take the BPM calculated by your music production and DJ software using Ableton Link or OS2L. WTOOLS will read the beat and pass it to the Wolfmix.

15000+ fixture profiles

Never be stuck without a profile. Backup fixture profiles created on the Wolfmix, or load any profile from the Nicolaudie SSL2 fixture library.

3D visualizer

Create a 3D representation of your stage, and render your project in real-time with Easy View 2 without any DMX input interface required (add-on purchase required).

This Wolf bites

25 FX, 8 groups, 100 presets, color, position & gobo palettes, 40 live edits…

This Wolf bites

Pair up a second Wolf

..or a DMX IN controller with WLINK

Connect 2 Wolfmix controllers together with the 5pin-5pin WLINK cable (available separately) and both will follow each other. This allows for up to 8 groups to be controlled side-by side, or for dual control by extending with a standard 5pin DMX cable. Sync a Wolfmix behind the bar with another in the DJ booth, or a Wolfmix on stage with another Front Of House.

Alternatively, the WLINK socket can be used to connect a DMX controller such as a traditional DMX faderboard- allowing for DMX input channels to be mapped to group dimmers or directly to output channels. WLINK requires an add-on purchase available through the WTOOLS app.

Pair up a second Wolf

...and there’s more...

Re-arrange fixture order to match your rig.

Flip LED bars if they are rigged backwards.

Fixture split function for independent control of multi-bar parts.

Map any universe to any XLR to use as a DMX splitter.

Sequence your own beam effects in real-time.

Fade between presets. Effects will play together during the fade.

Amber, White and UV channel control in effects.

Auto-play a cuelist of presets with fade and hold times.

Mix and match BPM and audio sync with the different effects.

Play effects forwards, backwards and symmetrically.

Create live edits to set custom channel values, such as ‘Mirror Ball’.

See all DMX levels and update the default values for a specific channel.

Give groups a custom name.

Save projects directly on the controller.

Set your moving light’s area with the Fixture Limits view.

Create fixtures directly from the controller with the in-built Fixture Builder.

Smoke button with timed release.

Lock the controller with a password.

Music sync with Ableton Link, OS2L, BPM TAP, Audio Line-In, Audio Mic.

Starts up in under 2 seconds.

Backup to a USB stick.

Adjust dimmers and trigger presets with a MIDI controller.

BPM sync with MIDI clock.

Option rates

• Easy View 3D : $99
• WLINK (+DMX IN) : $49
• +1 DMX universe : $99